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Greek Banks Face ‘Gangs’ in Bad-Loans Battle With Defaulters

Sotiris Nikas, Christos Ziotis, Stefania Spezzati, (2017), “Greek Banks Face ‘Gangs’ in Bad-Loans Battle With Defaulters”, Bloomberg, 19 October When Eurobank Ergasias SA, Greece’s third-biggest lender, recently went after a “strategic defaulter,” angry protesters stormed the courtroom to block its foreclosure attempt. The defaulter, whose name the lender won’t disclose, had not serviced its loans for the last five years and owed the bank 4.85 million euros ($5.7 million). Over the …Read More

Αποτελέσματα Ερευνών Οικονομικής Συγκυρίας

ΙΔΡΥΜΑ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΩΝ & ΒΙΟΜΗΧΑΝΙΚΩΝ ΕΡΕΥΝΩΝ, (2017), “ΑΠΟΤΕΛΕΣΜΑΤΑ ΕΡΕΥΝΩΝ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΗΣ ΣΥΓΚΥΡΙΑΣ”, 02 Οκτωβρίου Στην Ευρωζώνη, η βελτίωση των προσδοκιών εκπορεύεται από τη Βιοµηχανία (+1,6), τις Κατασκευές (+1,6) και το Λιανικό εµπόριο (+1,4), αφού στις Υπηρεσίες (+0,2) και την καταναλωτική εµπιστοσύνη (+0,3) καταγράφεται σχετική σταθερότητα. Σε επίπεδο των µεγαλύτερων οικονοµιών της Ευρωζώνης, το κλίµα βελτιώθηκε σε όλες και περισσότερο στην Ολλανδία (+1,9) και την Ιταλία (+1,8), ακολουθούµενο από µικρότερη άνοδο στην Ισπανία (+0,6) και οριακά στην Γερµανία (+0,5) …Read More

German election reaction: Merkel wins, but her fourth term won’t be an easy one

Hogwood, Patricia, (2017), “German election reaction: Merkel wins, but her fourth term won’t be an easy one”, LSE EUROPP, 25 September Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU won the largest share of seats in Germany’s election on 24 September, but the election also saw a substantial rise in support for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD). Patricia Hogwood writes that although Merkel has done enough to secure her fourth term as chancellor, she …Read More

The IMF Needs to Stop Torturing Greece

Bass, J. Kyle, (2017), “The IMF Needs to Stop Torturing Greece”, Bloomberg View, 19 Septembre “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” wrote the ancient Roman poet Virgil. In the 21st century, it’s the Greeks who should have been more careful about accepting offerings — specifically from the International Monetary Fund, which is now torturing the country in a misguided effort to get its money back. Relevant Posts Gelpern, Anna, (2017), «The …Read More

Euro area job vacancy rate at 1.9%

Eurostat/Euro area job vacancy rate at 1.9%/15 September 2017 The job vacancy rate in the euro area (EA19) was 1.9% in the second quarter of 2017, stable compared with the previous quarter and up from 1.7% in the second quarter of 2016, according to figures published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In the EU28, the job vacancy rate was 2.0% in the second quarter of 2017, up from 1.9% …Read More

Greece Still Hasn’t Turned the Corner

Bloomberg View, (2017), “Greece Still Hasn’t Turned the Corner”, 26 July Greece returned to the private debt market this week for the first time in years, raising 3 billion euros at a relatively affordable interest rate of 4.6 percent. That’s encouraging news — but it doesn’t mean the euro zone’s most flattened economy is on course for sustained growth. Relevant Posts Kuper, Simon, (2017), «How Greeks have adjusted to the forever crisis», …Read More

Fiscal policy relaxation in a depressed economy-Can there be a “Free Lunch” for Greece?

Monokroussos, Platon, (2017), “Fiscal policy relaxation in a depressed economy-Can there be a “Free Lunch” for Greece?”, Eurobank Greece Macro Monitor, 12 July This study leans on the literature on regime-dependent fiscal multipliers and the existence of hysteresis effects to demonstrate that, under certain conditions, a further relaxation of the agreed fiscal targets for Greece could not only benefit the country’s growth outlook, but might also lead to improved (rather …Read More

Commission recommends closing Excessive Deficit Procedure for Greece

European Commission, “Commission recommends closing Excessive Deficit Procedure for Greece”, Press Release, 12 July 2017 The Commission has decided to recommend to the Council to close the Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) for Greece. This follows the substantial efforts in recent years made by the country to consolidate its public finances coupled with the progress made in the implementation of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) support programme for Greece. Relevant Posts …Read More

How Greeks have adjusted to the forever crisis

Kuper, Simon, (2017), “How Greeks have adjusted to the forever crisis”, Financial Times, 6 July One recent balmy evening, a Greek friend took me around Athens on the back of his motorbike. We whizzed through traffic that has thinned during Greece’s eight-years-and-counting Great Depression. Here was the rare European city centre without gentrification: the local lower-middle-class has made way not for hipsters but for migrants from Syria and Pakistan. They …Read More

Greece’s sovereign debt and economic realism

Bulow, Jeremy, Geanakoplos, John, (2017), “Greece’s sovereign debt and economic realism”, VoxEU, 30 June After another six months of discussions, Greek debt negotiations succeeded in once again kicking the can down the road. This column analyses how sophisticated and experienced negotiators like the IMF, the Eurozone leadership, and by now even the Greeks, could have let negotiations drag out for so many years, and goes on to propose a plan …Read More

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