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Capitalisms and Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century

Morgan,  Glenn, Whitley, Richard (Ed.), (2012), “Capitalisms and Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century”, International Political Economy Series, Oxford University Press, 26 Απριλίου

The early twenty-first century is witnessing both an increasing internationalization of many markets, firms, and regulatory institutions, and a reinforcement of the key role of nation states in managing economic development, financial crises, and market upheavals in many OECD and developing economies. Drawing on a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives from leading US and European scholars, this book analyses how capitalism and national capitalisms are changing in this context. It focuses on the economic rise of new countries such as the BRICs, the increasing influence of regional organizations such as the EU and NAFTA, and new forms of private and public international regulation. It also considers how states are adapting their economic policies and processes in this new environment, and the consequences of these adaptations for inequality and risk within different societies.

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