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Standard Eurobarometer, N. 79

European Commission, (2013), “Standard Eurobarometer”, N. 79, Spring 2013.

This report presents the first results of the Standard Eurobarometer 79 survey, which was carried out between 10 and 26 May 2013 in 34 countries or territories1: the 27 European Union Member States, the six candidate countries (Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland, Montenegro and Serbia), and the Turkish Cypriot Community in the part of the country that is not controlled by the government of the Republic of Cyprus. Croatia joined the EU on 1 July 2013, but was not a Member State of the European Union when the fieldwork was conducted. Therefore, the weighted average for the European Union presented in this report and annex represents the 27 countries which were EU Member States at the time of the fieldwork. This “First results” report provides a selection of data on various topics such as the economy and the European political situation. It is published jointly with the results of the Standard Eurobarometer questions on the economic crisis and other political trends in the EU, which are set out in an annex.