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Why Greeks voted the way they did in the bailout referendum

Jurado,  Ignacio, Konstantinidis,  Nikitas, Walter, Stefanie, (2015), “Why Greeks voted the way they did in the bailout referendum”, LSE blog, 20 July

The recent ‘Greferendum’ on a draft bailout proposal submitted by the European Commission highlights the confounding effects of economic and political interdependence on democratic politics. Whereas the British electorate will be given up to two years in order to deliberate and decide over British membershipin the EU (having already opted out of EMU), Greeks were asked to cast a vote of potentially existential repercussions over the country’s position in both the EU and EMU within the grand period of one week. The case of the Greek referendum is particularly interesting and topical in light of the high salience of the issue at hand, the stark policy constraints implicit in the vote, the excessively short time allowed for public deliberation, and the sharp discrepancies between different partisan narratives.

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