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Policing the crisis in Greece: The others’ side of the story

Vasilaki, Rosa, (2016), “Policing the crisis in Greece: The others’ side of the story”, GreeSE Paper No.98, April 2016

This article looks at the experience of policing protests in Greece during the period of the crisis from the point of view of police officers. Policing in Greece – and especially the subjective experience of police officers themselves – is a non-subject of sociological research for historical and political reasons peculiar to Greece and exceeding usual opposition to police as a repressive state apparatus in Western states. The article relies on extensive qualitative work – based on semi-structured and unstructured interviews as well as observation – over a period of seventeen months. It stems from an ongoing project investigating the everyday experience of police officers and sheds light on topics such as the experience of policing protests, the use of the police by the state, the impact of the hierarchical structure of the institution on the subjectivity of police officers, their relative social isolation, their understandings of the use of violence and their political views.

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