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Beyond Crisis: Constitutional Change in Greece after the Memoranda

Tsiftsoglou, Anna, (2017), “Beyond Crisis: Constitutional Change in Greece after the Memoranda”, LSE Hellenic Observatory, 9 March

Can financial crises bring constitutional change? Has Greece become a prominent such example? Already 7 years into recession, crisis-hit Greece is experiencing a tremendous institutional change. This change, which takes place informally rather than formally, is affecting state institutions- primarily its parliament, the executive and courts. Everyday practice, political or otherwise, changes the norms, vital checks and balances and brings about a new reading and ethos to our Constitution. With my upcoming paper, I aim to explore the idea of constitutional change and to connect it to parliamentary and judicial activity after the Memoranda. How have state institutions reacted to the financial crisis? How do economic emergency and external players interplay with local institutions and interests? Finally, will this change have a longer-lasting impact on the country, beyond its economic recovery?

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