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Latest Turn in Greek Debt Crisis Is Kafkaesque: QuickTake Q&A

Dendrinou, Viktoria, Nikas, Sotiris, (2017), “Latest Turn in Greek Debt Crisis Is Kafkaesque: QuickTake Q&A”, Bloomberg, 25 April

Greece’s next dollop of bailout money is caught in an international dispute with no clear resolution. The heavily indebted Mediterranean nation needs the next installment of about 7 billion euros ($7.6 billion) to repay lenders in a few months, but some euro-area governments, notably Germany, refuse to supply more money until the International Monetary Fund comes on board. The IMF, in turn, is refusing to join the creditors’ club until Greece’s debt burden is eased — which Germany refuses to do. Franz Kafka would appreciate the absurdity of the latest twist in the Greek debt crisis, though investors aren’t amused.

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