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Deepening EMU requires a coherent and well-sequenced package

Marco Buti, Gabriele Giudice, José Leandro, (2018), “Deepening EMU requires a coherent and well-sequenced package”, 24 April

The debate on EMU deepening is entering a critical stage. The contribution of 14 French and German economists (Benassy-Quéré et al. 2018) is therefore timely. It suggests ways for reconciling risk-sharing with market discipline – where the biggest divisions lie. Their initiative overlaps in spirit and with much of the substance of the European Commission’s May 2017 Reflection Paper on Deepening EMU (European Commission 2017a) which identified indispensable components of a comprehensive reform of EMU (see Buti et al. 2017) and underpins the subsequent Commission’s initiatives (European Commission 2017b).

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