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Globalization, Crisis, Reform (?): An examination of the evolution of the financial system through the lens of political economy

In recent years the financial sector attracted the attention of world public opinion and found itself at the epicenter of world politics. The financial crisis of 2007-08 destabilized the world economy and shook the beliefs that had shaped its development during the previous years. After a decade, and despite the reforms that have been promoted in the meantime, financial stability is still elusive. The incomplete reform process, in combination with new economic and political developments in the aftermath of the crisis, have infused the international economic environment with uncertainty. The aim of this book is to make sense of the developments in the decade that followed the global financial crisis through the critical examination of the transformation that the global financial system has undergone since the 1970s. The objective is to analyze the effect of this transformation on the central political economy stakes that characterize the operation of the financial system, in order to get a deeper understanding of current developments and the future prospects of the world economy.

The book of Dimitris Katsikas, Head of Crisis Observatory, is published (in Greek) by Papazisis publications.