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The crossroad of reforms for the Greek public administration

Makrydemetres, Anthony, D. Zervopoulos, Panagiotis, Eliana Pravita, Maria, (2015), ” The crossroad of reforms for the Greek public administration”, LSE blog, 9 October The reform of Greek public administration in order to enhance efficiency is a key recommendation put forth by the OECD. Efficient public administration ensures both the optimal utilisation of the resources engaged by public bodies and the allocation of excessive public funds to civil society or to activities promoting economic growth. The reform …Read More

Investment-led Growth, Not More Cuts, Is The Only Way For Greece

Horn, Gustav, (2015), “Investment-led Growth, Not More Cuts, Is The Only Way For Greece”, Social Europe Journal, 15 July The agreement reached in Brussels yesterday between EU governments and Greece came only with a huge loss of mutual trust. It remains to be seen whether the deal in these circumstances will win majority political support. Economically, it would at least offer a small opportunity for a recovery in the Greek …Read More

Controlled negative reciprocity between the state and civil society: the Greek case

Etienne, Julien, (2013), “Controlled negative reciprocity between the state and civil society: the Greek case”, Hellenic Observatory of the European Institute at the LSE, June. Rarely do discussions on state-society relationship meet with discussions on street-level encounters between members of civil society and state agents. This article intends to bridge this gap by discussing state-society relationships in Greece as they can be understood from a pattern of minor illegalities from …Read More

Time to move north?

Barslund, Mikkel,  Busse, Matthias,  (2013), “Time to move north?”, CEPS Commentaries, 27 May. A staggering one out of every four young people is presently unemployed in Spain. And comparable numbers in Greece, Portugal and Italy are hardly more encouraging. Germany, on the other hand, enjoys a historically low youth unemployment rate of 8% and is experiencing skill shortages in some occupations. Against this background, this Commentary calls upon the European …Read More

Debt Crisis and the Welfare State in Greece

Sakellaropoulos, Theodoros, (2012), ‘Debt Crisis and the Welfare State in Greece’,, 12 February. The current Greek fiscal or debt crisis -putting at risk the euro and the modern welfare state- as well as the policies developed as a response to the crisis can be understood only when taking into consideration firstly some specific characteristics of the development model adopted in Greece since the 19th  century and secondly those phase …Read More

The Distribution of Full Income in Greece

Koutsampelas, Christos, Tsakloglou, Panos, (2012), ‘The Distribution of Full Income in Greece’, IZA Discussion Papers, N. 6396. Non-cash incomes from either private or public sources can have substantial effects on the distribution of economic welfare. However, standard approaches to inequality measurement either neglect them or take into account only selected non-monetary items. Using data for Greece in the mid 2000s we show that it is possible to incorporate a comprehensive …Read More