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Konstantinos Vrettos: An Environmental Threat as an Economic Opportunity? The case of Climate Change

The dangers of climate change become increasingly existent. The reports of international environmental organizations (e.g. IPCC) make more reference to the anthropogenic origins of the phenomenon, stressing the severity of the possible impacts both on a world and local level. The present opinion article underlines that this environmental crisis is not necessarily incompatible with development policies. In short, climate change could be seen as a chance for triggering developmental and …Read More

Pavlos Efthimiou and Iakovos Stergidis: Stimulating the Economy: the Stake of Growth without Keynes

After six years of recession in Greece and while its economy is in a downward spiral, accompanied with far reaching implications for both society and the political system, it is now obvious that the challenge of growth has become an existential issue for the country. Given the central European choices, which are not expected to change significantly, at least in the short-run, it is clear that the economic tools proposed …Read More

Anastasia Papakonstantinou: Young Scientists Flee Abroad: Brain-Drain? Brain-Gain?

The crisis that is currently besetting Greece started out as a financial meltdown, while it has now mutated in the first widespread social and employment crisis of the globalized economy. Greece is experiencing a deep recession with cumulative contraction of its GDP, with aggravation of most economic indicators and subsidence of the production and technological base. Unemployment exceeds 26% and more than 870.000 jobs have been lost over a period …Read More

George Tzogopoulos: German Elections

As attention is directed towards the German elections of the 22nd of September, the question of whether Berlin is going to change its policy the next day of the elections, concerns Brussels, as well as the countries of the European South. European affairs – with the exception of some remarks for the case of Greece and the cost of the rescue packages – did not receive much attention in the …Read More

Ioannis Avramopoulos, Nikitas Konstantinidis: A Case for ‘Open Source’ Law?

If society were a vehicle, its institutions would be its ‘engine’; they are the basic means by which society strives to reach prosperity and to protect itself against the fickle vagaries of the global capitalist system. Institutional failure is often viewed as a coordination failure within society. Greece represents a glaring such example of a country that attracted the ‘unwanted’ attention of capital market investors and speculators in the aftermath …Read More

Antigone Lyberaki: Should Europe shut the door on immigration? Definitely Not!

Europe is in crisis. Fiscal uncertainty, public services cutbacks and soaring unemployment are stealing the attention of most governments. Migration policy (let alone Migration Strategy) takes the back seat; this turns out to be a very uncomfortable seat, fraught with hostility and negative defensive outbursts. In the meantime, the world is changing. Europe’s attraction as a “promised Land” destination is failing. The real powerhouses of development have moved to the …Read More

Alexandros Mallias: ”A Hymn to Sorrow” for Europe

I was honoured and humbled to serve the (then) European Community, the European vision and ideals, since 1970. Indeed, my first job was at the Information Centre of the European Communities in Athens (1970-1972). In the late sixties and early seventies, while Greece was ruled by the military junta, the European institutions stood for the oppressed Greeks. I am proud to be a pro-European activist throughout my life. As a …Read More

Dimitris Katsikas: Insisting on the Same Recipe: A First Assessment of the Cyprus Bailout Deal

On early Monday, March 25, we witnessed the latest in a series of “rescue” deals for European countries in crisis. Following another dramatic meeting of the Eurogroup, it was announced that the countries of the Eurozone had agreed on a €10 billion loan programme for Cyprus. However, this bailout package came at a high price: Laiki Bank (the second largest bank of the island based on assets) will be broken …Read More

Sofronis Clerides: The Time of Truth for Cyprus

Cyprus is currently going through some of the most critical times in its history. The result of the Eurogroup on the 15th of March was a very bad decision, for both Cyprus and Europe. In Cyprus, the decision violates the state deposit guarantee of up to €100,000 and at the same time jeopardizes the whole financial services sector, the only sector which experienced growth in recent years. In Europe, the …Read More

Costas Isychos: Bankocracy or Democracy?

Projections for 2013, as well as for the foreseeable future of the EU, are more than bleak, as it is certain that the economic, social and political crisis of the continent is bound to deepen and intensify, in case that current policies continue. Such a development could result in an unprecedented historic setback for the political and social project that we have been experiencing for decades in Europe. What we …Read More