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ELIAMEP is an independent, non-profit and policy-oriented research and training institute. It neither expresses, nor represents, any specific political party view. It is only devoted to the right of free and well-documented discourse.


ELIAMEP’s mission is to provide a forum for public debate on issues of European integration and international relations and to conduct scientific research that contributes to a better informed and documented knowledge of the European and international environment. In pursuing these objectives, ELIAMEP:

  • Conducts research on topics pertaining to European integration, the future of Europe and international relations with special emphasis on transantlantic relations, security, migration, human rights, good governance and climate change issues. Its geographical area of interest includes the wider Southeast European, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Middle East regions;
  • Contributes to the public and political dialogue on the aforementioned issues;
  • Provides decision-makers, both in the public and private sectors in Greece, Europe and beyond, with authoritative and independent information, analysis and policy proposals;
  • Trains professionals (civil servants, politicians, journalists and academics, among others) in a variety of areas such as European integration, conflict prevention, management and resolution skills, monitoring of democratic elections, civic participation, civil society building, as well as the role of the media in democratic, inclusive and tolerant societies;
  • Raises public awareness on issues of European integration, foreign policy and international affairs;
  • Briefs foreign journalists, diplomats, policy analysts and delegations from military academies visiting Greece;
  • Participates actively in international partnerships and networks as well as to the debate on the future of Europe and of transatlantic relations.