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Costis Chatzidakis: Greece Can Succeed

The Greek citizens have made enormous sacrifices over the last years. But we can now safely argue that this effort has started to yield the first results. As far as fiscal adjustment is concerned, we have already managed to cover 2/3 of the course and we now have one of the lowest fiscal deficits in the Eurozone. The necessary measures have already been legislated for the remaining 1/3; they are expected to eliminate Greece’s primary fiscal deficit. At the same time, over the last few months, through a series of structural changes in state administration, the labour market and elsewhere, we have managed to change the image of the country,. The most recent agreement in the Eurogroup, concerning the viability of the Greek debt and the release of the final installment, has guaranteed our long-term stay in the Eurozone and provides the basis for the country’s support and recovery.

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