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Greece’s Horizons: Reflecting on the Country’s Assets and Capabilities

Sklias P., Tzifakis N. (eds.) (2013), Greece’s Horizons: Reflecting on the Country’s Assets and Capabilities, Springer.

The Greek financial crisis has imperilled the stability of the entire euro-zone, generating much anxiety all over the world. Policy-makers, analysts and media on a day-to-day basis debate the course of the Greek economy, prescribing ways to move forward. The book acknowledges the predominantly domestic causes of the crisis and the need of far-reaching reforms that would reconstruct the country’s economic environment. However, it aspires to go beyond the discussion of Greece’s macroeconomic imbalances to highlight the country’s under-explored social and economic potential to return to growth and prosperity. It chooses to see the glass half-full and focuses on the country’s comparative advantages and assets. To be sure, there are no easy solutions to the crisis. And the book does not underestimate the challenges and the dangers that lie ahead for Greece. It merely wants to challenge the picture of Greece as a country doomed to failure, in which everything falls apart. Overall, the book wishes to provide motivation and inspiration for change.