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Akis Sakellariou: The State, NGOs and the Rest

Certainly, recent revelations involving two Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in financial scandals did not come as a shock. In our country, NGOs have been identified with opacity and lack of accountability, with the exception of some luminous cases.

In addition to showcasing the problematic institutional framework within which NGOs operate in Greece since the 1990s, these two scandals have offered an excellent opportunity to initiate a fruitful and meaningful public debate, much broader than merely the issue of NGOs, based on the following central question: what should be the role and size of the state in Greece, which is trying to overcome the crisis? This question acquires even greater significance in light of the upcoming revision of our Constitution.

The article at hand will be limited to a finite frame of analysis. Should the Greek State change, reduce or completely remove funding -or aid by various means- to the following organisations: 1-NGOs, 2-political parties, 3-the Church and, 4-the mass media?


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