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Reshaping politics of the left and centre in Greece after the 2014 EP election

Chatzistavrou, F. & Michalaki, S. (2014) “Reshaping politics of the left and centre in Greece after the 2014 EP election“, Politics and Institutions, EPIN Commentaries, 10 September.


The political landscape in Greece is confused and volatile at the moment; the right and extreme- right-wing parties are accorded a disproportionately large place in political debate, while the radical left-wing SYRIZA party is attempting to maintain a ‘leftist’ profile and demonstrate its capacity to govern through a strategy of image normalisation.

These tensions make it very difficult for the Greek government to stick to the EU’s tough reform agenda. The governing coalition is trying to conceal the social effects of implementing structural policy reforms, even postponing some measures to avoid bearing their political cost. At the same time, it is adopting a very rushed, and thus quite worrying, attitude towards a fast-track growth agenda, without taking into consideration the conditions for sustainable economic development.


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