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The risk of poverty or social exclusion affected 1 in 4 persons in the EU in 2014-122 million persons in this situation in the EU

In 2014, 122 million people, or 24.4% of the population, in the European Union (EU) were at risk of poverty or social exclusion. This means that they were in at least one of the following three conditions: at-risk-of-poverty after social transfers (income poverty), severely materially deprived or living in households with very low work intensity. After a slight decrease in 2013 following three consecutive years of rise, the proportion of persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU remains in 2014 nearly stable but higher than its 2008 level (23.8%). The reduction of the number of persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU is one of the key targets of the Europe 2020 strategy.

Eurostat/17 October: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty/181/2015 – 16 October 2015

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