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The Road to Recovery: Are Greek banks able to finance Greece’s economic recovery?

Karamouzis, Nikolaos, (2016), “The Road to Recovery: Are Greek banks able to finance Greece’s economic recovery?”, Eurobank Research, 22 September

The question dominating the public dialogue in Greece these days is whether the conditions are in place for the economy to return to a path of strong and sustainable economic growth. A year after the country signed its third Adjustment Programme with European partners, many wonder whether the steady and timely implementation of the reforms and fiscal consolidation measures contained in the agreement alone is enough to ensure that happening, or additional initiatives are necessary. For an economy plagued by a multi-year, double-dip recession, record unemployment, anemic investment and high public debt, a return to growth should be the main priority of economic policy, the targeted cure for the economic malaise. Just as importantly, it is a key prerequisite for the program’s success. However, the road to recovery hinges on several critical pre-conditions being met. Perhaps the most important of all is the ability of Greek banks to provide the credit needed to support economic growth. Will Greek banks have the financial strength, liquidity, capital and risk appetite to finance the recovery cycle of the Greek economy?

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