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6th European Working Conditions Survey

Eurofound/6th European Working Conditions Survey/November 2016

Since 1991, Eurofound has been monitoring working conditions in Europe through its European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS). The survey aims to measure working conditions across European countries, analyse the relationships between different aspects of these, identify groups at risk, highlight issues of concern and areas of progress and, ultimately, contribute to developing EU policy aimed at improving job quality. In 2015, the sixth EWCS interviewed almost 44,000 workers (both employees and self-employed people) in 35 European countries: the 28 EU Member States, the five EU candidate countries, and Norway and Switzerland. Workers were asked a range of questions concerning employment status, work organisation, learning and training, working time duration and organisation, physical and psychosocial risk factors, health and safety, work–life balance, worker participation, earnings and financial security, as well as work and health.

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