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Europe’s Troika Should Grow Up

Pisani-Ferry, Jean, (2013) “Europe’s Troika Should Grow Up”,, 27 May 2013. In early 2010, a group of men (and a few women) in dark suits landed in Athens. They belonged to a global institution, the International Monetary Fund, and to a pair of regional ones, the European Commission and the European Central Bank. Their mission was to negotiate the terms and conditions of a financial bailout of Greece. A …Read More

No Exit? Greece’s Ongoing Crisis

Mazower, Mark, (2013), “No Exit? Greece’s Ongoing Crisis“, The Nation, 13 March. When the New Year kicked off in Athens, a pall of smoke hung over the city. Steep hikes in fuel prices had pushed people to burn wood to stay warm, and even discarded Christmas trees were being fed into the fires. At the same time, a series of small explosions targeted the offices of the two major parties, …Read More

“Exhausted” Greeks start to see extremism as a way out of crisis

Katsikas, Dimitris, (2012), ‘”Exhausted” Greeks start to see extremism as a way out of crisis’,, 16 November. For the Greek people, these past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster ride. Following weariness from protracted and bitter negotiations with the Troika – the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission – which often threatened the cohesion of the governing coalition, came the distress of realising the severity …Read More