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What borders for the EU: a variable geometry neighbourhood?

Drevet, J-F., (2013), “What borders for the EU: a variable geometry neighbourhood?”, Notre Europe Jacques Delors Institute, Policy Paper 97, September

In this Policy Paper, Jean-François Drevet wonders about the limits of the EU and its integration and neighborhood policy. He shows that the Europe of “concentric circles” evoked by Jacques Delorshas become an undisputable fact.

The author first gives an account of the integration and enlargments logics, and hence, of a differentiated integration which reveals the artificiality of the debates about the limits of the EU. He then proposes an assesment of the European neighborhood policy which, according to him, is a necessary, if unevenly successful, policy.  Finally, he sheds some light on the importance of common policies which extend beyond the borders of the EU.


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