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24 March 2015: Closed meeting-discussion in the context of the research programme FRAGMEX

24 March 2015: a closed meeting-discussion was held at ELIAMEP, entitled: “Aspects of the European Crisis: Experiences and Views from Germany”. The discussion was carried out in English with the participation of researchers, technocrats and representatives of Greek and German stakeholders.

During the meeting, the results of specific studies were presented, which were carried out by German researchers from the universities of Duisburg-Essen and Bonn. Together with the Crisis Observatory and the Hellenic Open University, both these German universities participate in the research programme “Fragmentation and Exclusion: Understanding and Overcoming the Multiple Impacts of the Crisis” (FRAGMEX).

More specifically, the following presentations were carried out:

  • “Poverty and Potential. The Life Style Concept in the Research on the Excluded”, by Dirk Taenzler, Professor at the University of Bonn.
  • “How’s life? The Problem of Social Exclusion”, by Dr. Felix Tirschmann, Researcher at the University of Bonn.
  • Some remarks on German crisis perceptions on the basis of parliamentary debates”, by Dr. Konstantinos Maras, Researcher at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

The programme was awarded to a network of research institutes and universities, in which the Crisis Observatory participates as coordinator in Greece, following a competitive call for tenders by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, in the context of the programme: “Bilateral R&D Cooperation between Greece and Germany 2013-2015”. For more information on the programme, click here.