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Can Greece shake off its political passivity?

Petsinis, Vassilis, (2016), “Can Greece shake off its political passivity?”, European Council of Foreign Relations, 27 May

The public mood in Greece has gone through three stages since January 2015: optimism, agony, and passivity. The first stage, optimism, corresponds to the first months after Syriza’s victory in the elections of January 2015, when a positive turn for Greece seemed possible in spite of the critical situation in the country. The second stage, agony, was the period after the July 2015 referendum, when anxieties were high about a potential Grexit (if not Graccident), if the negotiations between Athens and the creditors were to end in a deadlock. The third stage refers to the state of widespread apathy that seems to characterise a considerable chunk of the Greek electorate after the compromise on a Third Memorandum and the victory of the coalition of Syriza and the Independent Greeks in the September 2015 elections.

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