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Is there such a thing as “Social Europe”?

Fernandes, Sofia,  Rinaldi, David, (2016), “Is there such a thing as “Social Europe”?”, Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, 6 September

Although the EU developed a “Social Europe”, the economic crisis and public debt has caused an imbalance between the social and economic dimensions of the European project. In this tribune, the authors start with a brief discussion on the construction of the social acquis in order to answer the following questions: Why must Social Europe be reinforced today? How do we draw the strategic lines for a new, more social Europe?
What initiatives must take priority in order to achieve a “Triple A” in the social domain? This article was first published in Revue Politique et Parlementaire, Special Issue “L’Europe dans la tourmente”, No. 1079, April-June 2016.

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