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2 February 2017: Discussion with main lecturer Professor Andres Solimano and the topic was«The Recovery of Economy after the Depression: Historical and International Experience»

The discussion on “Economic Recovery after Depression: Historical and International Experience” was successfully held on Wednesday 1 February at the Representation of the European Commission in Greece offices. The discussion featured as main speaker Dr. Andres Solimano, founder and president of the International Center for Globalisation and Development and author of the book “Global Capitalism in Disarray”, Oxford University Press, 2017. Comments were made by George Pagoulatos, Professor of European Politics and Economy, Athens University of Economics and Business. The discussion was moderated by Dimitris Katsikas, Lecturer, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Head of the “Crisis Observatory” program.

Dr. Solimano, using concepts from his recently published book, made extensive references to the modern global trends, with a focus on stagnation, austerity and inequality. He also drew a comparison between the current crisis and the crisis of 1929. As a result, he made points on the current political risks.

On the commentary, Prof. Pagoulatos wonders whether we are witnessing a change of the international status quo, with the latest political developments in the UK and the US or a correction of the international liberal system from its prior unsustainable state. At the same time, he agrees with most of the speaker’s observations.

The event was attended by Embassies’ representatives, former ministers, journalists and academics.