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Exporting and performance: evidence from Greek firms

Gibson,  Heather D., Pavlou, Georgia, (2017), “Exporting and performance: evidence from Greek firms”, Bank of Greece, June

This paper explores differences in performance between firms that export and those that do not. With only a few exceptions, exporters have characteristic which suggest “better” performance than non-exporters, controlling for observed and unobserved heterogeneity. This paper aims to provide evidence on the differences between exporters and non-exporters in terms of labour productivity and profitability across time, different sectors of economic activity and different size groups, using data from exporting and non-exporting firms incorporated in Greece for the period 2006-2014. The results suggest that the exporter productivity premium is around 14% for the whole sample, pointing to a significant productivity advantage for exporting firms which is even stronger in certain sectors of economic activity. There is also evidence in favour of higher productivity growth for alwaysexporting
firms and starters, while there is a negative, though insignificant, effect for stoppers.

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