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Inclusive Growth: What Future for the European Social Model?

Schmid, G. (2014) “Inclusive Growth: What Future for the European Social Model?“, IZA Policy Paper No. 82, May 2014.   This essay starts, after a short introduction on the importance and dimensions of “inclusive growth”, with a brief empirical sketch on to what extent Europe has already succeeded with respect to this ambitious goal. The result is quite sobering and gives rise to the question: why is it so? The …Read More

The Financialization of Life

Yves Smith — Naked Capitalism Blog, “Interview with Costas Lapavitsas: The Financialization of Life“, Real News Network, 23 October.   Yves here. One of the efforts the Naked Capitalism community has been engaged in is trying to understand and map our emerging political and economic order. Over the last four decades, massive changes have taken place in social values, in job security, in the importance of communities relative to other …Read More

Still sinning … a German economist who cannot face facts

Mitchell, B. (2014) “Still sinning … a German economist who cannot face facts“, Bill Mitchell Blog: Modern Monetary Theory… Macroeconomic Reality, 23 October.   German economist Hans-Werner Sinn, who has been implacably opposed to the Eurozone bailouts and so-called debt mutualisation is at it again with an article in the UK Guardian yesterday (October 22, 2014) – Europe can learn from the US and make each state liable for its …Read More

Why Inequality Matters

Bill Gates (2014) “Why Inequality Matters“, LinkedIn Influencers, 15 October.   A 700-page treatise on economics translated from French is not exactly a light summer read—even for someone with an admittedly high geek quotient. But this past July, I felt compelled to read Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century after reading several reviews and hearing about it from friends. I’m glad I did. I encourage you to read it …Read More

Law And Solidarity: Reflections On August 1914

Deakin, S. (2014) “Law And Solidarity: Reflections On August 1914“, Social Europe Journal, 13 October.   On the occasion of the centenary of the outbreak of the war in Europe, it is my great privilege to give this address to the graduating Masters class of 2014, and to continue the historic ties between Cambridge and Louvain. A century ago, our two universities stood in solidarity against the common threat of …Read More

Mapping youth transitions in Europe

Eurofound (2014) Mapping youth transitions in Europe, Publications Office of the European Union: Luxembourg, 14 October.   Young people in Europe continue to experience great difficulties in entering the labour market. Although the youth unemployment rate in a few Member States has started to fall, overall 23% of young European job-seekers aged 15–24 could not find a job in January 2014. In 2012, 14.6 million young people across Europe were …Read More

Social Dumping and EU Integration Process

Bernaciak, M. (2014) “Social Dumping and EU Integration Process“, European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), Working Paper 2014.06, 14 October.   Abstract This paper proposes a conceptualization of social dumping and applies it to an analysis of the EU integration process. Building on recent contributions in the fields of economic theory, economic sociology and institutional political economy, it defines social dumping as the practice, undertaken by self-interested market participants, of undermining …Read More

Busts hurt more than booms help: New lessons for growth policy from global wellbeing surveys

De Neve, J. E. & Norton, M. (2014) “Busts hurt more than booms help: New lessons for growth policy from global wellbeing surveys“, VoxEU Organisation, 08 October.   Wellbeing measures allow us to distinguish higher incomes from higher happiness. This column looks at new welfare measures and macroeconomic fluctuations. It presents evidence that the life satisfaction of individuals is between two and eight times more sensitive to negative economic growth …Read More

In this together – Rethinking Solidarity in Europe

Mendelsohn, J. (2014) “In this together – Rethinking Solidarity in Europe“, The European Magazine, 02 Οκτωβρίου.   If solidarity is to serve political change, it must be elevated to a normative goal and enforced as a principle of law and not as a matter of choice. Since the eruption of the Eurozone crisis in late 2008, I – and many others – have been struggling with the comprehension, the origins …Read More

The who and how of disappearing routine jobs

Cortes, M., Jaimovich, N., Nekarda, J. C. & Siu, H. (2014) “The who and how of disappearing routine jobs“, VoxEU Organisation, 02 October.   As routine tasks are increasingly automated, middle-wage jobs are becoming rarer. This column documents the changes in labour-market dynamics behind polarisation, and investigates which workers are affected by it. Flows into middle-wage routine jobs are declining (rather than flows out increasing). Interestingly, routine cognitive workers – …Read More