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Looking at Europe’s Jobs Challenge: ‘A Way Out Does Exist!’

De Molli, V., (2013), “Looking at Europe’s Jobs Challenge: ‘A Way Out Does Exist!’”, EconoMonitor, 24 September.

We are in the midst of an extremely delicate and fragile historical nexus. The crisis is worse than ever and is hitting above all those companies that are less-prepared and the weaker strata of society. Young people find themselves in ever-greater difficulty (one out of three in Italy and one out of two in Spain are out of work).  In Italy alone over the last five years the number of people employed under 35 years of age has decreased by 1.7 million.

A tremendous waste of resources and brain-power in an era in which these young people represent both the first digital and global generation! Today, technology offers opportunities that would have been unthinkable for previous generations.  But only those capable of adapting and understanding this change will be successful.

The unemployed in Europe currently number 25 million individuals, the equivalent of Portugal, Belgium and Denmark put together. Between 2008 and 2012, European manufacturing alone lost 3.4 million jobs (nearly 10% of the total in just four years) and the international labour organization has forecast that, over the next five years, the worldwide total will reach 210.6 million.


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