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Drivers of employment generation and social inclusion in the EU

Di Cataldo, Marco, Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés, (2017), “Drivers of employment generation and social inclusion in the EU”, Vox Eu, 6 April

The EU is undertaking an effort to counterbalance the effect of the Global Crisis on unemployment by trying to get people back into work. The Juncker Commission has set up a plan of investments – estimated at €315 billion for the period 2015-2017 – aimed at supporting the areas of Europe with the highest job losses. Employment generation is further targeted by other strategies, such as Europe 2020, which pursues inclusive economic growth with “a strong emphasis on job creation and poverty reduction” (European Commission 2010). However, concerns remain about the ‘inclusiveness’ of these measures. It is uncertain what types of jobs will be generated, what are the optimal conditions for creating more jobs, and who will benefit or lose out from any potential job creation.

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