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How Theresa May’s ‘Brexit election’ strategy backfired

Merrick, Jane, (2017), “How Theresa May’s ‘Brexit election’ strategy backfired”, CNN, 9 June

It was supposed to be the Brexit Election. When Theresa May announced back in April she was calling a risky snap election, three years before it was necessary, she invited British voters to increase her Conservative government’s majority and give her the strengthened mandate she needed to go into Brexit talks and get a good deal for the country. It was a battle between what she defined her “strong and stable” leadership and a “coalition of chaos” under her opponent, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. In the end, it was the Brexit Election — just not in the way everyone predicted. Having pledged to be the strong Prime Minister fighting for Britain in the negotiating room in Brussels, May appears to have lost her majority because of voters rejected the type of Brexit she had proposed.

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