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Government at a Glance 2013

OECD, (2013), Government at a Glance 2013, Paris: OECD Publishing. Government at a Glance 2013 provides readers with a dashboard of key indicators assembled with the goal of contributing to the analysis and international comparison of public sector performance. Indicators on government revenues, expenditures, and employment are provided alongside key output and outcome data in the sectors of education and health. Government at a Glance also includes indicators on key …Read More

EU 2013 Report on Policy Coherence for Development

European Commission, (2013), “EU 2013 Report on Policy Coherence for Development”, Commission Staff Working Document, SWD(2013) 456, Οκτώβριος. Τhe European Commission published its report on policy coherence for development which lays out the progress made by the EU and its Member States in ensuring that their action in areas such as trade, agriculture, security or migration is in line with the goal of overcoming poverty in developing countries. The report …Read More

High Level Group on Modernisation of Higher Education

European Commission, (2013), High Level Group on Modernisation of Higher Education, Ιούνιος 2013. The EU high-level group on modernisation of higher education publishes its first report today on improving the quality of teaching and learning in universities. The group, chaired by former President of Ireland Mary McAleese, makes 16 recommendations (see Annex 1) which include a call for mandatory certified training for professors and other higher education teaching staff, more …Read More

The new political geography of Europe

Walton, Nicholas, Zielonka, Jan, (2013), ‘The new political geography of Europe’ , The European Council on Foreign Relations. The euro crisis has revolutionised politics across Europe, obscured by a focus on whatʼs happening in Berlin and Brussels. Established political parties are fighting for their lives, and countries have been cast out from the European core to the periphery. A  new  collection  of  essays,  edited  by  Nicholas  Walton  and  Jan Zielonka, …Read More