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The new political geography of Europe

Walton, Nicholas, Zielonka, Jan, (2013), ‘The new political geography of Europe’ , The European Council on Foreign Relations.

The euro crisis has revolutionised politics across Europe, obscured by a focus on whatʼs happening in Berlin and Brussels. Established political parties are fighting for their lives, and countries have been cast out from the European core to the periphery. A  new  collection  of  essays,  edited  by  Nicholas  Walton  and  Jan Zielonka, examining how the crisis has affected the political dynamics in 14 member states throws a light on the roots of a new political geography in Europe. The chapters – by prominent thinkers, journalists, and academics in the 14 countries – identify the main points of contention and new political forces. The countries covered are France, Portugal, Denmark, Britain, Poland, Italy, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Bulgaria.