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Poverty and Inequality during the Great Recession in Greece

Matsaganis, M. & Leventi, C. (2014) “Poverty and Inequality during the Great Recession in Greece“. Political Studies Review, 12: 209–223.


The severe economic crisis that has been affecting Greece since 2009 is having an unprecedented impact in terms of job and income losses, and is widely perceived to have a comparably significant effect in terms of greater inequality and increased poverty. This article provides an early assessment of whether (and to what extent) the latter is the case. Specifically, it simulates the impact of the austerity (i.e. fiscal consolidation policies) and the recession (i.e. negative developments in the wider economy) on the distribution of incomes in 2009–12, and estimates how the burden of the Great Recession has been shared across income groups. The article concludes by discussing the policy implications of the authors’ research.


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