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A Strategy for Resolving Europe’s Problem Loans

Aiyar, Shekhar, Ilyina, Anna, (2015), “A Strategy for Resolving Europe’s Problem Loans”, IMF Direct blog, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου

Problem loans are clogging the arteries of Europe’s banking system. The global financial crisis and subsequent recession have left businesses and households in many countries with debts that they cannot repay. Nonperforming loans as a share of total loans in the EU have more than doubled since 2009, reaching €1 trillion—over 9 percent of the region’s GDP—by end-2014.  These loans are particularly high in the southern part of the euro area, as well as in several Eastern and Southeastern European countries. Only a handful of countries have managed to lower their nonperforming loan ratio to below its post-crisis peak.

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