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The European Union Illuminated-Its Nature, Importance and Future

El Agraa, Ali, (2015), “The European Union Illuminated-Its Nature, Importance and Future”, Economics Series, Palgrave-Macmillan publications, Μάϊος 2015

The EU is under stress. Many believe in the euro’s demise because they blame it for the 2008 financial crisis and the unwelcome austerity measures. Many resent the immigrants from the new EU member states, threatening the survival of the Single European Market (SEM). Many complain of a ‘Brussels diktat’, seeking an escape from joint EU decisions. Several member states want to unilaterally deal with the enhanced competition from the emerging markets, especially China, undermining the EU’s ‘common commercial policy’, run by a single EU commissioner. And many in the UK want its exit from the EU, diluting EU unity and reducing its global influence. These concerns are either misguided or require a stronger EU to deal with them – this book informs on these by addressing the nature, importance and future of the European Union.

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