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Pavlos Efthymiou: After the UK Referendum, the Main Trial: Save Europe!

People in Britain were heavily misinformed vis-à-vis the ‘costs’ and ‘burdens’ of the EU, and this issue was only partially tackled and very late in the course of the campaign. All in all, the kind of anti-establishment, anti-elitist, anti-globalisation, anti-immigration rhetoric which has been gaining ground continentally, is populism at its worst. The ‘decent’, ‘hardworking’, ‘every-day’ people whose best interests European populists claim to have at heart are, sadly, in fact, the very same people who are most negatively affected by the implications of the policies advanced. The ‘big capital’, flies; the ‘big multinationals’ move out (taking many jobs elsewhere); ‘big politics’ continue their modern global ‘chess’ (a game played ‘above’ the lives of the everyday citizen); and the highly educated, highly skilled and highly experienced ‘golden’ (or not) girls and boys go where demand is (enjoy exceptional global mobility).

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