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Building common ground: Towards strategic migration and refugee policies in Europe

Bertoncini, Yves, De Geus, Aart, Niblett, Robin, Styczynska, Izabela, Gastaldo, Piero, Kosonen, Mikko, Santos Silva, Artur, B. Wolff, Guntram, (2016), “Building common ground: Towards strategic migration and refugee policies in Europe”, Bruegel, 6 Δεκεμβρίου

This conference declaration was signed on 22 November 2016 at the occasion of the second annual Vision Europe Summit in Lisbon. The signatories are leaders from the eight think tanks and foundations convening the Vision Europe Summit.

The record numbers of refugees arriving in Europe in 2015 has put pressure on policymakers to devise effective policies that address both the plight of refugees and the concerns of EU citizens. The crisis has exacerbated divisions and tensions within and between EU member states and revealed how unprepared the EU was to deal with such an influx.

Crises, however, can be constructive, if they create the conditions for essential reforms. As Europe now has some breathing space in managing the refugee flows, there is an opportunity to focus on strategy development, which cannot be missed. There is also an opportunity for dialogue around European values, identity and vision that can help build common ground for the future.

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