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Boomerang Kids in Contemporary Greece: Young People’s Experience of Coming Home Again

Tsekeris, Charalambos, Ntali, Evdokia, Koutrias, Apostolos, Chatzoulis, Athena, (2017),   “Boomerang Kids in Contemporary Greece: Young People’s Experience of Coming Home Again”, LSE Hellenic Observatory, Απρίλιος 2017

Under the burden of the severe and protracted Greek crisis, it seems that Greek youngsters face an increasingly precarious situation of suffering and transition. This affects them in multiple ways, concerning both the external socio-economic conditions and their internalised sense of self-biographical continuity. The present qualitative study aims to demonstrate and examine the core dimensions of the crisis-ridden selfstructure of young adults, using semi-structured, in-depth interviews. Taking into consideration the growing “boomerang phenomenon” of Greek young people returning to their parental home (after losing their job or finishing their studies), we investigate the disruption caused in their life trajectories and the need for re-orientation, as it is expressed within subjective living-with-parents experiences. The sample consists of 15 Greek young inhabitants, aged between 24 and 32 years old, who are either unemployed or precariats, and live with their parents. The experienced collapse of linear self-imaginaries and the subsequent frustration along with the reaction to the present reality, as well as the **recuperating strategies emerged from the participants’ narratives, are carefully examined according to Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and through relational and self-oriented pathways. The present study concludes by highlighting the reflexive deficit depicted on our participants’ psychic investment in obsolete or even unrealistic mentalities, despite their pronounced repudiation.

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