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Geneva Reports on the World Economy 15: Exit Strategy (CEPR flashback 2)The E

The Editors, (2017), “Geneva Reports on the World Economy 15: Exit Strategy (CEPR flashback 2)”, VoxEu, 8 Απριλίου

Central banks are now moving towards exiting from quantitative easing and other unconventional monetary policies. This column highlights a 2013 CEPR/ICMB report that examined the policy challenges surrounding this difficult and unprecedented task. It explores ways policymakers could handle exit and its long-run implications. This is part of the CEPR Flashbacks series that highlights the relevance of past CEPR reports to today’s challenges.

Our CEPR Flashbacks highlight past CEPR reports relevant to today’s challenges. This column highlights a report first published in 2013, which examined how the exit from unconventional monetary policies could be handled by policymakers, what the post-exit world will look like, and the long-run implications for central banks.

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