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New Pact for Europe National Report GREECE

ΕΛΙΑΜΕΠ, (2017), “New Pact for Europe National Report GREECE”, ΕΛΙΑΜΕΠ, Ιούνιος

This report is inspired by the discussions of the Greek National Reflection Group enriched by exchanges with National Reflection Groups from France and Estonia. It reflects on the ‘state of the Union’ from a national perspective and discusses the main challenges the EU and its members are facing, taking into account both the European and national perspective. Finally, it proposes ideas and recommendations on how the EU and its members should react to these main challenges and sets out how the EU and European integration should develop in the years to come. This paper is part of a series of ten national reports. These reports and the debates in the member states will provide a solid basis for the discussions in the NPE European Reflection Group. The latter will be asked to take the reflection a step further through in-depth and thorough discussions at the European level. The Advisory Group chaired by Herman Van Rompuy will provide input into this process. All these reflections will lead to a final NPE report that analyses the current ‘state of the Union’ and contains several proposals on how to re-energise the European project. It will be published at the end of 2017.

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